Flora Vista

Yesterday we moved out of our Flora Vista House. I said good-bye to walks to mesa lane, late night roommate talks, and game nights in the living room. I might even miss our infestation of spiders, the subtle skunk smell that lingers in the living room, and the memories of finding a dead rat in the laundry room.

We’ve shared countless glasses of wine, hours of conversation, and two-and-half years of memories. Here’s to microwave beeps, the chore chart and the on-going saga of the internet. I’m going to miss you Flora Vista.

P.S. For the next three weeks I am lucky enough to reside in the Mumm household, where poor Jeff has had been inundated with a host of rapid-fire girl questions and conversation topics that generally center around finding jeans that fit, fashion trends and nail techniques (and not the hammer and nail kind). Read more about it here



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3 responses to “Flora Vista

  1. Hi Michelle! I'm new to your blog so I'm not even sure what kind of place Flora Vista is (or Mumm either, for that matter). I do want to say "hi," though, and let you know that the things you love in life fall right in line with the things I love. I feel like we would be instant friends if we met. 🙂

  2. Ha, yeah I realize some of my references are not very visitor friendly. "Flora Vista" is the name of the street that my last house was on and we eventually just started calling it the Flora Vista house. And "Mumm" is the last name of two of my dearest friends in Santa Barbara. Thanks for the comment. I agree… instant friends!

  3. I will miss Flora Vista, too. I will miss you more, though. 😦

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