“Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance you must keep moving”                    -Albert Einstein

sim·ply  \ˈsim-plē\   com·pli·cat·ed  \ˈkäm-plə-ˌkā-təd\

I spent a lot of growing up thinking that life was pretty simple. I had answers and explanations that fit into nicely categorized boxes. Life was good. It made sense, but something was missing.

Life is still good. But it is also complex and cannot be controlled by doing the right thing or having the right answers. I think sometimes we give quick explanations, instead of embracing the mystery. I believe there is a lot of room for difference. I believe that words matter and what we say is almost as important as how we say it. Asking questions is necessary, and that sometimes not having all the answers is a good place to be.

I am learning that life does not always go as planned. Bad things happen. Pain is in inevitable. Part of life is letting go of expectations and being open to something new. New risks. New people. New ideas and New experiences. Life is full of  joyful surprises, unexpected losses and daily reminders that God is a lot bigger than I am.

It’s pretty simple, really.

Simply Complicated.

So, welcome. I invite you to read, engage in a conversation, ask a question, share a thought and leave a comment…or silently blog stalk* if you wish.

*yes, it takes one to know one.


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